Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can Headaches Be Related To Tampons Is There Some Type Of Disease For This?

Is there some type of disease for this? - can headaches be related to tampons

I just want to know if it's still a disease or illness
refers to this;

Well, I have problems in bad times, bad cramps, my period lasts about 2 months, so I can not do sports in school, eat a lot, but only up to a weight increase in 14 and weighs 100 pounds, even though I am too fast or can simply stand and saw I go I'm so weak, I still have headaches when I take my escape i buffer large lumps, I 'm from the bloodstream through trousers anything, I always feel like Im Light goes, I tested the doctors and was in the white blood cells, this summer, I often get sick, I'm always tired,
could be i dont know whats wrong anemia? or something
tested and my doctor told me that it is not, but I think it

iNeed help, I can do something for me to do things that
can do my friends ..
Please help


Maryn said...

Vaginal bleeding that lasts two months, is so far outside the normal boundaries that you and your gynecologist to find out what is behind him. Could fall as low blood pressure (feeling like you could happen - if it is relatively common and not necessarily a problem if you make the move before involved walking), weakness and malaise May.

Hard times and tampons are a lean mixture. The buffer can not absorb so much and by bleeding is a problem, can also help to reduce their position by adding or worsening menstrual cramps. So, from a napkin with wings. The penalty will not be disturbed.

But you need to deal with any on the subject of bleeding in 2 months, and soon.

meow said...

U are hving anemia due to blood loss more ... ur, if a doctor ... SHLD to give, something to stop or regulate period or at Ur ... ask ur doc

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