Saturday, February 6, 2010

3d Cube Game Sohu Vista 3D Cube Theme??? Beryl Vs. Gnome?

Vista 3D cube theme??? Beryl vs. Gnome? - 3d cube game sohu

So, I know it is the subject of a 3D cube thingy majiger for Vista, and I will receive. But I do not want third, I want the real deal. I have Beryl & & Gnome and heard, but what is better? or another is better? In addition, it slows down the computer? I have an XPS M1330 and I saw Umm information system and virtual memory, a total of 7.17,,, soo i dont know? but I do not want to eat slowly, the problem to the computer, I do not have the computer for games, to all school work, photos, and installed some videos & & im going this thing, and I Dragon has heard a lot of memory.

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Pro Gamer said...

Sorry, 3D cube for Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora)
Watch this (Ubuntu), which are really surprised ...
That was in 2006 !!!!!!!!!
2009 Ubuntu is about 4 times now, twice for this
Cube 3D is very old in Ubuntu

Note: Ubuntu is free and better
EDIT: I said that the grandmother is angry yahoo answers is to
E-mail if you need help, do not listen to this call my Grand *****

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