Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank You Note Template For Community Service Hours Any One Have A Template To Note Staff Whereabouts On A Daily Basis?

Any one have a template to note staff whereabouts on a daily basis? - thank you note template for community service hours

The service technician on site in my office, going to various oil fields - sometimes for a few days or a week. I want the office manager and my boss is something that can be controlled by the world .. Design instead of calling to ask or they tell me. I thought it would be able to see a list of all ideas. Please help me with a template if you have a link to one.Thanks much.

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PiggiePa... said...

Hmm, do not support a whiteboard in his office, partners in this area very much. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can not see the calendar or appointment according to plan "dates" (visits) for workers, and anyone with access to the calendar can see who can take up where and how to contact them. Even employees can use in the fields, and update the calendar when you need remote access your e-mail. You may need to ask your IT department, "permission" for all employees who have access or to allow updating of information, but this is easy. If you use Microsoft Outlook or not, I am sure that all the mail system with which it has a similar function.

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